Public Man-sex


Holland - and especially Amsterdam - has been known for some time as a gay-friendly place.

And now it’s going to a whole new level.

Apparently, an Amsterdam park has put up signs designating areas where gay cruising tends to happen and where guys are getting it on… after the city council received complaints about the sexual activities taking place in de Oeverlanden Park.

The park, De Oeverlanden, has been known for decades as a gay cruising area. Some say it’s the most popular one in Holland. Recently, there has been a rise in violence in the park, with robberies, aggression and abuse. The local chapter of the COC, Holland’s main organisation for gays and lesbians, hopes the sign will make the area safer for everyone.

The city council of Slotervaart, a district in southwest Amsterdam, posted the gay cruising signs as well as signs designating areas where children can play and people can walk their dogs (presumably without running into a couple of guys going at it).

According to one of the district’s councillors, “It’s our duty as a city council to warn people about what’s happening here. As long as the men do not have sex in public, where they can be seen, I have no problem with it”.

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